About Us

“Tbilisi Airways” is a new Georgian airline, the main goal of which is to exploit new markets and establish innovative connections between countries and continents.

 Tbilisi Airways LLC was established in March 2021 and has purchased a B737-300 type aircraft, which has undergone a number of checks and procedures to obtain the necessary certificates.

 Our ICAO code is TBC and IATA code is TD / 373, Aircraft Registration number: 4L-TBA. The company has already obtained CofA, AOC, OL & TCO certificates.

 Tbilisi Airways aircraft is operated by highly skilled pilots with extensive flight experience.

Our Crew members take initial theoretical and practical training as well as six months of recurrent simulator training in Boeing facilities.  From August 2022 we started operation Yerevan (regular charter), performed charter flights Tbilisi-Berlin, Tbilisi-Tel Aviv, and also from December 2022 we started operation of regular charter flights with the public sales on the route Tbilisi-Tel Aviv-Tbilisi.

We are a quickly growing team with big plans for expanding our fleet in 2023. The replenishment of our fleet is with the following aircraft as B737 passenger, 2 aircraft B737 cargo.

 The strategy of Tbilisi Airways is to offer customers convenient prices, accuracy of schedule, and professional services. Our mission is to connect Georgia and the region more with the world, to open new spaces and opportunities, by ensuring their accessibility.

Tbilisi Airways is open for cooperation and ready for moving forward together with the new partners.

We believe that the horizon is not a limit!